SECUGEN Microbial identification by DNA Sequencing Microbial identification by DNA Sequencing of ITS 1-4 (Fungi) and RNA 16 S (Bacteria) 3RFE Microbial identification by DNA Sequencing
ADM BIOPOLIS Screening of biological activities Screening of interesting biological activities either from comlex samples or selected strains from culture collections. Optimization of growth and biocatalysis reaction. 2AR&D Screening of biological activities
Leitat Virucidal efficacy testing Application of international guidelines and tailor-made models for testing virucidal efficacy of ingredients, products, materials and technologies 3RFE Virucidal efficacy testing
ADM BIOPOLIS Scale up of bioprocess Fermentation and Downstream process from 1 L to 300 L bioreactors 2AR&D Scale up of bioprocess
VIVEBIOTECH New pseudotyping strategies VIVEbiotech is developing new pseudotyping strategies, changing the classical envelope protein on the lentiviral vectors to alter their tropism (the types of cells they can infect). This greatly enhances gene delivery efficiency. 3RFE New pseudotyping strategies
FUNDACIÓN JIMÉNEZ DÍAZ (Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria) Technique for the precannulation of the destination arteries in the placement of a fenestrated endoprosthesis Vascular diseases 1BR&D Technique for the precannulation of the destination arteries in the placement of a fenestrated endoprosthesis
BIONET INGENIERÍA Industrial Scale Bioreactors Bioreactors for production of biotechnological-related products. 3RFE Industrial Scale Bioreactors
Celavista Mito-Biogénesis NMX-FCD Fractional Crystallization by Density (FCD), physical separation method. 3RFE NMX-FCD
FUNDACIÓN CENER-CIEMAT CENER BIO2C - BIOREFINERY & BIOENERGY CENTRE R&D services and technical assistance to all agents of the sector. Development and upscalling from lab to demo escale on several bioproceses. 2AR&D CENER BIO2C - BIOREFINERY & BIOENERGY CENTRE
VIVEBIOTECH Stable producer cell lines Stable producer cell lines are generated by integrating viral vector genes into the packaging cell's genome, offering higher productivity and scalability, making them more suitable for large-scale manufacturing and consistent production of viral vectors. 2AR&D Stable producer cell lines
VIVEBIOTECH Construct optimization Is the process of modifying and refining the genetic construct that encodes the viral vector components such as promoter sequences, transgene design, regulatory elements, and vector backbone. This improves the performance and functionality of the vectors. 3RFE Construct optimization
VIVEBIOTECH Development of more cost-effective gene therapy processes Optimization of manufacturing, automation, scale-up strategies, vector engineering and regulatory harmonization, among others, to reduce the costs associated with gene therapy. 2AR&D Development of more cost-effective gene therapy processes
TECNIC - Bioprocess Equipment Manufacturing Tangential Flow Filtration equipment Tangential flow filtration equipment for downstream processing, enabling purification and concentration of a wide range of products across laboratory, pilot, and production scales. 3RFE Tangential Flow Filtration equipment
TECNIC - Bioprocess Equipment Manufacturing Bioreactor Equipment Bioreactor equipment for upstream processing, in laboratory, pilot, and production scales. 3RFE Bioreactor Equipment
TECNIC - Bioprocess Equipment Manufacturing Single Use Systems Single-use systems for both upstream and downstream processes provide an alternative approach to manufacturing a diverse range of products. 3RFE Single Use Systems
IRIAF-CLAMBER Enzymatic hidrolisis Enzymatic or basic hidrolisis can be done in a 3 m3 tank, controlling temperature and pH. It has horizontal agitation. 3RFE Enzymatic hidrolisis
IRIAF-CLAMBER Steam explosion pretreatment Lignocelullosic biomass con be separated in this equipment into its three components by using steam at high temperature and pressure. It has a 400L tank and has a treatment capacity of 1 ton per day. 3RFE Steam explosion pretreatment
IRIAF-CLAMBER UF,MF,RO,HPRO The equipment is able to do ultrafiltration, microfiltration, reverse osmosis and high pressure reverse osmosis, processing 6m3 per hour of any liquid solution. 3RFE UF,MF,RO,HPRO
IRIAF-CLAMBER Fermentation train Full scale-up aerobic fermentation train. The fermentation can be started at lab scale and be scaled, since a 3L reactor to a 20m3 reactor, with its inttermediate sizes of 30, 300 and 3000L ones. All of them can be heated and have airing, stirring and pH 3RFE Fermentation train
IRIAF-CLAMBER Organic solvent extractor This unit consists in two 500L tanks where the reaction can be carried out until 80 degrees and with a full range of pH. The tanks have mechanic stirring and a system to filtrate and recover the solvents. 3RFE Organic solvent extractor
IRIAF-CLAMBER Water extraction system This unit consists in 1000L tank where the reaction. The tanks have mechanic stirring and it is conected to a centrifuge where can be segregate the solid and the liquid fractions. 3RFE Water extraction system
IRIAF-CLAMBER Supercritical CO2 extraction Extraction by using supercritical CO2 at a 350bar pressure and the posibility of add a co-solvent. The unit has two 50L tanks. 3RFE Supercritical CO2 extraction
IRIAF-CLAMBER Rotary evaporator Rotary evaporator to recovery different types of solvents, working with a wide range of pressures and temperatures. Its volume is 100L. 3RFE Rotary evaporator