ABT, AGAROSE BEADS TECHNOLOGIES Agarose resins Agarose-based beads resins used for separation/purification of biomolecules through gel filtration chromatography, affinity chromatography and/or ion exchange chromatography. ABT has the technology to modify and customize that resins to the customers need 3RFE Agarose resins
ADM BIOPOLIS Enzymatic preparations Enzymes for the agrofood, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. We offer development and manufacturing of the desired enzymatic activities, including proteases, cellulases, lipases, amylases, xylanases, phytases, hydrolases, pectinases, among others. 2AR&D Enzymatic preparations
ADM BIOPOLIS Bio-Enz Bioconversion of desired molecules by the use of enzymes. Either with commercially available enzymes or using enzymes designed from scratch. 3RFE Bio-Enz
Agrenvec Recombinant Proteins Plant made recombinant proteins (cytokines, growth factors, etc.) for dermocosmetics 3RFE Recombinant Proteins
Bioibérica Equilibrium Equilibrium® is a natural and ecological product, which stimulates the physiological process that intervene during fruit set, containing a balance of specific L-? amino acids, polysaccharides (such as alginic acid and mannitol, among others) and betaines 3RFE Equilibrium
Bioibérica AminoAlexin AminoAlexin® is a dual-acting formulation: it increases resistance to biotic stress caused by the attack of certain pathogens (fungus) and increases tolerance to abiotic stress (adverse climatic causes, primarily). 3RFE AminoAlexin
Bioibérica AminoQuelant Fe AminoQuelant® - minors is a product based on L-?-amino acids from Enzymatic Hydrolysis, secondary nutrients (Magnesium) and micro nutrients (Boron, Copper, Iron, Molybdenum and Zinc). 3RFE AminoQuelant Fe
Bioibérica Terra-Sorb Radicular Terra-Sorb® radicular can be applied to all types of crops: leafy vegetables, fruit plants, strawberries, stone fruit trees, pome fruit trees, citrus fruits, olive trees, vines and vine arbors, tropical fruits, industrial crops, etc. 3RFE Terra-Sorb Radicular
Bioibérica Terra-Sorb Foliar Amino acids for foliar spray Terra-Sorb® foliar is an L-?-amino acid-based product from Enzymatic Hydrolysis for foliar application. 3RFE Terra-Sorb Foliar
FUNDACIÓN JIMÉNEZ DÍAZ (Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria) New Sol-Gel Coating Method for obtaining a coating from sol-gel technology and the application of this coating to substrates such as implants or devices manufactured with a polymeric base, due to its biodegradable, biocompatible and adhesive properties thereof, as well as, i 1BR&D New Sol-Gel Coating
Institut Quimic de Sarrià (IQS) Bioinformatics Molecular modelling. Discovery optimization and validation. Enzyme discovery. 2AR&D Bioinformatics
Leitat Endophytes Isolation and characterization of endophytes with application in several sectors (agriculture, cosmetics, health, etc.). An endophyte collection composed by strains with PGPR and antimicrobial properties is available 3RFE Endophytes
Leitat Enzymes for fast moving consumer goods Designing enzymes and cocktails with functional properties, such as antimicrobial, antibiobiofilm, antialgae, bleaching or oxidazing, for fast moving consumer goods (textile, detergents, cosmetics and personal care products) 3RFE Enzymes for fast moving consumer goods
Leitat Biofertilizers based on microorganisms Tailor-made biofertilizers from strain isolation, screening for PGPR activities, to efficacy demonstration at lab scale in climatic chambers 3RFE Biofertilizers based on microorganisms