3P BIOPHARMACEUTICALS CMO GMP certified Analytics development and validation platform (API, IMP, IPC) for Biosimilars 2AR&D CMO GMP certified
3P BIOPHARMACEUTICALS CMO GMP certified Analytics development and validation platform (API, IMP, IPC) for New biological entities 2AR&D CMO GMP certified
3P BIOPHARMACEUTICALS CMO GMP certified Bioprocess Development/Optimisation Platform (USP/DSP) 2AR&D CMO GMP certified
3P BIOPHARMACEUTICALS CMO GMP certified Freedom-to-operate platform in Bacteria, yeast and mammalian 2AR&D CMO GMP certified
ALGAENERGY Biomass integral valorisation process 4ISU
BIOCHEMIZE PB-est Enzymatic and microbial platform for esterification of organic compounds 4ISU PB-est
BIOCHEMIZE PB-oxi Enzymatic and microbial platform for oxidation of aromatic methylenes 4ISU PB-oxi
BIOCHEMIZE PB-met Enzymatic and microbial platform for methylation of aromatic compounds 4ISU PB-met
BIOCHEMIZE PB-rac Enzymatic and microbial platform for separation of racemic compounds 4ISU PB-rac
BIOCHEMIZE PB-ald Enzymatic and microbial platform for aldolic condensations 4ISU PB-ald
BIOCHEMIZE PB-red Enzymatic and microbial platform for reduction of oxygen functional groups 4ISU PB-red
Bioibérica Biogas production plan project from fat 3RFE
Biomedal LYTAG-2nd-PHASE Protein separation and purification 4ISU LYTAG-2nd-PHASE
Biomedal HISTAG-2nd-PHASE Protein separation and purification of his-tagged proteins in aqueous two phase systems 4ISU HISTAG-2nd-PHASE
Bionaturis FLYLIFE Baculovirus-based expression system at industrial scale (MVB, WVS, upstream, downstream) 4ISU FLYLIFE
Bionaturis FLYPIDS Recombinant expression of second generation vaccines (VLPs, chimeric, subunits) 4ISU FLYPIDS
BIONET INGENIERÍA Scale up and GMP facilities design 2AR&D
BIONET INGENIERÍA Process Development/Optimization (USP and DSP) 2AR&D
BIOPOLIS Bio-Bph Production of biopharmaceuticals, key organic compounds and green chemicals 4ISU Bio-Bph
BIOPOLIS Bio-Rp Production and purification of recombinant proteins 1BR&D Bio-Rp
BIOPOLIS Bio-PHA Process Development for PHA production 1BR&D Bio-PHA
BIOPOLIS Bio-BPL Process development for biopolymers production 2AR&D Bio-BPL
BIOPOLIS Bio-Ctl Bioprocesses / biocatalysis 2AR&D Bio-Ctl
BIOPOLIS Bio-Cl Custom cloning and expression of recombinant protein 2AR&D Bio-Cl
BIOPOLIS Bio-Snt Biosynthesis of chemical compounds 2AR&D Bio-Snt
Bioraw Biotechnological production of APIs 3RFE
Bioraw Biotechnological production of steroids 3RFE
Bioraw Development of fermentation and downstream processes at pilot scale and the subsequent industrial scale-up 2AR&D
Bioraw Process development & optimization (USP & DSP) 2AR&D
Bioraw Ps Aseptic lyophilisation and filling of APIs 3RFE Ps
Bioraw Bacterial and fungal fermentation and DSP 3RFE
BIOSEARCH LIFE Manufacture and Purification of plant extracts 2AR&D
ENTRECHEM Bioaugmentation for increased production of biogas Bioenergy, waste management 4ISU Bioaugmentation for increased production of biogas
Fundacion MEDINA Fermentation of new fungal and bacterial strains with biotechnological applications 4ISU
Fundacion MEDINA Isolation of new natural products from microbial fermentations 4ISU
InKemia IUCT group Bio-SRC Prospection, isolation, characterization and performance of new microorganisms in industrial biotechnology 4ISU Bio-SRC
InKemia IUCT group Bio-PROC Substitution of chemical processes for bioprocesses 4ISU Bio-PROC
Institut Quimic de Sarrià (IQS) PROCEDIMIENTO PARA LA PRODUCCIÓN DE DHA por microalgas Polyunsaturated fatty acids through a bioprocess with heterotrophic microalgae 3RFE PROCEDIMIENTO PARA LA PRODUCCIÓN DE DHA por microalgas
Laboratorios LETI Production of protein extracts / allergens 4ISU
Leitat Biocatalysis Enzymatic synthesis of prebiotic ingredients 3RFE Biocatalysis
Leitat Substitution of chemical processes by bioprocesses 3RFE
Leitat Enzymatic improvement of fats and fat valorisation 3RFE
Leitat Bioprocess for textile processing 3RFE
Leitat Fermentation process development Biosurfactant production processes from commercial and renewable feedstock 3RFE Fermentation process development
Leitat Biotechnological cotton process 2AR&D
Leitat Enzymatic and physic-chemical protein hydrolisation processes. Collagen, keratine hydrolisates and vegetable protein hydrolisates for fertilizers, cosmetics and feed 3RFE
Leitat Monoclonal antibody Generation, humanization, production, purification 2AR&D Monoclonal antibody
Leitat Strain improvement Strains improvement without genetic modification (random mutagenesis and/or induction of natural transfer). Food and environmental application 3RFE Strain improvement
Leitat Biogas production from waste and effluents 3RFE
Leitat Microbial Fuel Cells Development of Microbial Fuel Cells technology for electricity generation 3RFE Microbial Fuel Cells
Leitat Novel strain isolation Isolation of new producing strains and consortia for bioproduct obtaining. (e.g. biosurfactants, biopolymers, enzymes, etc.) 3RFE Novel strain isolation
Leitat Production of single cell protein (SCP) Development of the process fo the production of single cell protein (SCP) from food industry waste and effluents 4ISU Production of single cell protein (SCP)
Leitat Biocatalysis Enzymatic and microbiological synthesis of antimicrobials 3RFE Biocatalysis
Leitat Microbial Desalinition Cells Material development and validation 4ISU Microbial Desalinition Cells
Leitat Production of soil improvers based on peptides and amino acides. Fertilizers 3RFE
Leitat Production of crop agents based on antimicrobial peptides. Fertilizers 3RFE
Leitat Obteining protein hydrolysates 3RFE
Lonza Biologics Porriño Analytical services and stability studies of DS and DP 2AR&D
NEIKER Tecnalia Production of Omega-3-Rich Oil from microalgae 3RFE
NEIKER Tecnalia Production of Recombinant Proteins 3RFE
NEIKER Tecnalia Production of carotenoids from microalgae 3RFE
NOVASEP Purification of bio-based chemicals Complete palette of alternative technologies to distillation Fully optimized process lines with guaranteed performance Robust and proven process development methodology Process integration & optimization: recycling, side streams purification, 3RFE Purification of bio-based chemicals
PRAXIS Proteins & Peptides Micro-nano-formulation, aseptic filling and freeze-drying 4ISU Proteins & Peptides
PROMEGA BIOTECH IBÉRICA Manufacturing and Custom Capabilities Our facilities meet or exceed quality standard requirements to ensure the on-time delivery of high-quality custom, bulk or specially designed products 3RFE Manufacturing and Custom Capabilities
Vytrus Biotech Recombinant proteins production through plant cell cultures platform 3RFE
Vytrus Biotech Development of plant cell cultures for dermatologic pathologies 3RFE
Vytrus Biotech Development of plant cell cultures as new cosmetic actives ingredients 3RFE