ABT, AGAROSE BEADS TECHNOLOGIES Agarose resins Agarose-based beads resins used for separation/purification of biomolecules through gel filtration chromatography, affinity chromatography and/or ion exchange chromatography. ABT has the technology to modify and customize that resins to the customers need 3RFE Agarose resins
ADM BIOPOLIS Enzymatic preparations Enzymes for the agrofood, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. We offer development and manufacturing of the desired enzymatic activities, including proteases, cellulases, lipases, amylases, xylanases, phytases, hydrolases, pectinases, among others. 2AR&D Enzymatic preparations
ADM BIOPOLIS Human Milk Oligosaccharides Biotechnological Production of Human Milk Oligosaccharides as High-added Value Active Ingredients 2AR&D Human Milk Oligosaccharides
ADM BIOPOLIS Bio-Enz Bioconversion of desired molecules by the use of enzymes. Either with commercially available enzymes or using enzymes designed from scratch. 3RFE Bio-Enz
Agrenvec Recombinant Proteins Plant made recombinant proteins (cytokines, growth factors, etc.) for dermocosmetics 3RFE Recombinant Proteins
AGROCODE BIOSCIENCE Trichoderma Development production trichoderma with sterile process 2AR&D Trichoderma
AGROCODE BIOSCIENCE Biopesticides Extraction process development biopesticides from plant extracts and secondary metabolites of different microorganisms 3RFE Biopesticides
ALGAENERGY AGRIALGAE High quality agricultural biostimulants based on a combination of different microalgae extracts. 3RFE AGRIALGAE
ALGAENERGY Raw Biomass Microalgae biomass with excellent properties for several applications and sectors 3RFE Raw Biomass
Bioibérica Terramin Terramin® Pro is a formula based on L-α-amino acids obtained through the exclusive Enzyneer® technology. The product provides fast assimilating organic nitrogen entirely derived from amino acids, with no added nitrogen in its formula. 3RFE Terramin
Bioibérica AminoAlexin AminoAlexin® is a dual-acting formulation: it increases resistance to biotic stress caused by the attack of certain pathogens (fungus) and increases tolerance to abiotic stress (adverse climatic causes, primarily). 3RFE AminoAlexin
Bioibérica Terra-Sorb Complex Terra-Sorb® complex is an L-α-amino acid-based product from Enzymatic Hydrolysis, for foliar spray. 3RFE Terra-Sorb Complex
Bioibérica AminoQuelant Fe AminoQuelant® - minors is a product based on L-α-amino acids from Enzymatic Hydrolysis, secondary nutrients (Magnesium) and micro nutrients (Boron, Copper, Iron, Molybdenum and Zinc). 3RFE AminoQuelant Fe
Bioibérica Inicium Inicium® is a completely new product based on characterised peptides of low molecular weight, with great root activity. 3RFE Inicium
Bioibérica Terra-Sorb Radicular Terra-Sorb® radicular can be applied to all types of crops: leafy vegetables, fruit plants, strawberries, stone fruit trees, pome fruit trees, citrus fruits, olive trees, vines and vine arbors, tropical fruits, industrial crops, etc. 3RFE Terra-Sorb Radicular
Bioibérica StressSal STRESSAL ® is an osmotic regulator that enhances tolerance to salt stress. 3RFE StressSal
Bioibérica Suzukii Trap Biological Attractants. Food trap for Drosophila suzukii. 3RFE Suzukii Trap
Bioibérica Terra-Sorb Foliar Amino acids for foliar spray Terra-Sorb® foliar is an L-α-amino acid-based product from Enzymatic Hydrolysis for foliar application. 3RFE Terra-Sorb Foliar
Bioibérica Terra-Sorb Organic Terra-Sorb® Organic is a formula based on enzymatic hydrolysis L-α-amino acids for application on leaf. This product has a very high level of free amino acids and a complete balanced proportion of micronutrients. 3RFE Terra-Sorb Organic
Bioibérica Flyral Biological Attractants. Flyral® is a formulation based on hydrolyzed proteins. This product acts as trophic attractant of adult Diptera (flies and mosquitoes) and serves as the base material for mixing with authorized insecticides in the preparation of i 3RFE Flyral
Bioibérica Equilibrium Equilibrium® is a natural and ecological product, which stimulates the physiological process that intervene during fruit set, containing a balance of specific L-α amino acids, polysaccharides (such as alginic acid and mannitol, among others) and betaines 3RFE Equilibrium
Bioibérica AminoQuelant-Cu AminoQuelant®-Cu is a new product formulated from amino acids derived from our exclusive process of enzymatic hydrolysis and copper (5% Cu, 5% free amino acids), designed to increase the assimilation of copper during the critical moments of greatest neces 3RFE AminoQuelant-Cu
Bioibérica Cera Trap Biological Attractants. A specific bait for capturing the Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata). 3RFE Cera Trap
Bioibérica Dacus Trap Biological Attractants. A specific bait to capture the olive fly (Bactrocera oíeae). 3RFE Dacus Trap
Bioibérica Armurox Plant protection (endogenous defense mechanisms). Armurox® is a unique dual-action product that creates a physical barrier under the cuticle and activates plant endogenous defense mechanisms. Armurox® contains peptide compounds that boost silicium absor 3RFE Armurox
Bioibérica AminoQuelant Minors AminoQuelant® - minors is a product based on L-α-amino acids from Enzymatic Hydrolysis, secondary nutrients (Magnesium) and micro nutrients (Boron, Copper, Iron, Molybdenum and Zinc). 3RFE AminoQuelant Minors
Bioibérica AminoQuelant Ca/Mg AminoQuelant®-Ca/Mg is the new product in the AminoQuelant® range, formulated from amino acids derived from the process of enzymatic hydrolysis exclusive to Bioiberica, combined with calcium and magnesium (6.5% Calcium, 2% Magnesium and 4% Free amino acid 3RFE AminoQuelant Ca/Mg
BIONET INGENIERÍA DDGS (Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles) - 3RFE DDGS (Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles)
BIONET INGENIERÍA n-butanol - 2AR&D n-butanol
BIONET INGENIERÍA Microalgae collection - 3RFE Microalgae collection
BIONET INGENIERÍA Cellulolytic and hemicellulolytic enzymes - 3RFE Cellulolytic and hemicellulolytic enzymes
Fundacion MEDINA MEDgene Microbial Genetic Bank 3RFE MEDgene
Fundacion MEDINA MEDiversity Microbial Collections 3RFE MEDiversity
Leitat Biofertilizers based on microorganisms Tailor-made biofertilizers from strain isolation, screening for PGPR activities, to efficacy demonstration at lab scale in climatic chambers 3RFE Biofertilizers based on microorganisms
Leitat Protein hydrolysates Protein hydrolysates with functional properties 3RFE Protein hydrolysates
Leitat Protein hydrolsates as insect attractant Production of baits for insect control (protein hydrolsates as insect attractants). Pest fight. 2AR&D Protein hydrolsates as insect attractant
Leitat Endophytes Isolation and characterization of endophytes with application in several sectors (agriculture, cosmetics, health, etc.). An endophyte collection composed by strains with PGPR and antimicrobial properties is available 3RFE Endophytes
Leitat Enzymes for fast moving consumer goods Designing enzymes and cocktails with functional properties, such as antimicrobial, antibiobiofilm, antialgae, bleaching or oxidazing, for fast moving consumer goods (textile, detergents, cosmetics and personal care products) 3RFE Enzymes for fast moving consumer goods