AGROCODE BIOSCIENCE Biopesticides Extraction process development biopesticides from plant extracts and secondary metabolites of different microorganisms 3RFE Biopesticides
AGROCODE BIOSCIENCE Trichoderma Development production trichoderma with sterile process 2AR&D Trichoderma
ALGAENERGY BLUE GOLD C-Phycocyanin extract out of the microalgae Spirulina 4ISU BLUE GOLD
ALGAENERGY Microalgae products with excellent properties for several applications and sectors 4ISU
ALGAENERGY AGRIALGAE High quality agricultural biostimulant 100% based on microalgae enzymatic hydrolysis. 3RFE AGRIALGAE
Bioibérica Inicium Biostimulant 3RFE Inicium
Bioibérica StressSal Biostimulant 3RFE StressSal
Bioibérica Terra-Sorb Biostimulant 3RFE Terra-Sorb
Bioibérica Suzukii Trap Biological Attractants 3RFE Suzukii Trap
Bioibérica AminoQuelant-Cu Bioavailable Nutrition 3RFE AminoQuelant-Cu
Bioibérica Flyral Biological Attractants 3RFE Flyral
Bioibérica Cera Trap Biological Attractants 3RFE Cera Trap
Bioibérica Dacus Trap Biological Attractants 3RFE Dacus Trap
Bioibérica Armurox Plant protection (endogenous defense mechanisms) 3RFE Armurox
Bioibérica AminoAlexin Plant protection (resistance to biotic stress) 3RFE AminoAlexin
Bioibérica AminoQuelant Ca/Mg Bioavailable Nutrition 3RFE AminoQuelant Ca/Mg
Bioibérica Terramin Biostimulant 3RFE Terramin
Bioibérica Terra Humic Biostimulant 3RFE Terra Humic
Biomedal ProPure rProtein G FastCAp Immunoglobulin capture and purification cartridges 4ISU ProPure rProtein G FastCAp
Biomedal ProPure rProtein A FastCAp Immunoglobulin capture and purification cartridges 4ISU ProPure rProtein A FastCAp
Biomedal rProtein G (3xC) Synthetic derivative produced by recombinant expression. Antibody purification 4ISU rProtein G (3xC)
Biomedal rProtein A (4xZ) Synthetic derivative produced by recombinant expression. Antibody purification 4ISU rProtein A (4xZ)
Biomedal rProtein A Resins Immunoglobulin capture and purification 3RFE rProtein A Resins
Biomedal nLZ4-Cys Cost effective ligand for antibody purification 3RFE nLZ4-Cys
Biomedal ProPure rProtein A LCL Agarose Immunoglobulin capture and purification affinity medium 4ISU ProPure rProtein A LCL Agarose
Biomedal ProPure rProtein G Rapid Flow Immunoglobulin capture and purification affinity medium 4ISU ProPure rProtein G Rapid Flow
Biomedal ProPure rProtein A Rapid Flow Immunoglobulin capture and purification affinity medium 4ISU ProPure rProtein A Rapid Flow
BIONET INGENIERÍA Microalgae collection 4ISU
BIONET INGENIERÍA Cellulolytic and hemicellulolytic enzymes 4ISU
BIONET INGENIERÍA Microalgae collection 3RFE
BIONET INGENIERÍA DDGS (Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles) 4ISU
BIOPOLIS Enzymatic preparations Enzymes for the agrofood, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. We offer development and manufacturing of the desired enzymatic activities, including proteases, cellulases, lipases, amylases, xylanases, phytases, hydrolases, pectinases, among others. 2AR&D Enzymatic preparations
BIOPOLIS Human Milk Oligosaccharides Biotechnological Production of Human Milk Oligosaccharides as High-added Value Active Ingredients 2AR&D Human Milk Oligosaccharides
BIOPOLIS Bio-Enz Bioconversion of desired molecules by the use of enzymes. Either with commercially available enzymes or using enzymes designed from scratch. 3RFE Bio-Enz
Fundacion MEDINA MEDgene Microbial Genetic Bank 3RFE MEDgene
Fundacion MEDINA MEDiversity Microbial Collections 3RFE MEDiversity
InKemia IUCT group BIO-CEM New microorganisms for self healing concrete 2AR&D BIO-CEM
InKemia IUCT group GC-S78 New solvent from renewable materials for Crop protection 4ISU GC-S78
InKemia IUCT group SOL-LAOC4 / GC-S77 / GC-DMA New solvent from renewable materials for metal degreasing and for Paint and varnishes from DMA 4ISU SOL-LAOC4 / GC-S77 / GC-DMA
InKemia IUCT group CAT-Halolip / Haloprot New halolipase / New haloprotease 2AR&D CAT-Halolip / Haloprot
InKemia IUCT group GC-S79 Solvents from renewable materials for the biodiesel sector 4ISU GC-S79
InKemia IUCT group BIO-K3 Menadione (vitamin K3) 2AR&D BIO-K3
InKemia IUCT group BIO-TFT Trifluorothymidine / Antiviral (Ophthalmic) / Herpes Cornea 4ISU BIO-TFT
InKemia IUCT group CAT-Halo1 / Halo2 Enzymatic mixture with hydrolytic activity / with lipase and protease activity 2AR&D CAT-Halo1 / Halo2
InKemia IUCT group GC-BIO-DAP / BIO-AP 2,6-diaminopurine deoxiriboside. Anticancer / 2,6-diaminopurine riboside. Antiviral. Anticancer 4ISU GC-BIO-DAP / BIO-AP
InKemia IUCT group Bio-EPS New exopolysaccharides use as nutraceutical and cosmetics (8 compounds) 2AR&D Bio-EPS
InKemia IUCT group GC-BIO-DF / GC-BIO-F 2-deoxy-5-fluorouridine. 5-fluorouridine. Anticancer / Colon & Pancreas / Colon & Breast 4ISU GC-BIO-DF / GC-BIO-F
InKemia IUCT group CAT-Bcun - Gbspum - Ssdeod New catalyst Purine Phosphorilase Nucleoside 4ISU CAT-Bcun - Gbspum - Ssdeod
InKemia IUCT group CAT-Apudp / Bcpym / Hmudp New catalyst pyrimidine phosphorilase nucleoside 4ISU CAT-Apudp / Bcpym / Hmudp
InKemia IUCT group GC-S51 New solvent from renewable materials for synthesis of APIs 4ISU GC-S51
Leitat Protein hydrolysates 2AR&D
Leitat Production of baits for insect control (protein hydrolsates as insect attractants). Pest fight. 2AR&D
NANOIMMUNOTECH NITZIPPER Family of products ready to be easily, quickly and efficiently bioconjugated (antibodies, dyes, enzymes, micro/nanostructures, peptides, molecules, linkers, etc.) 4ISU NITZIPPER
SEPROX BIOTECH Hydroxytyrosol Production of Hydroxytyrosol by chemical and enzimatic syntesis 4ISU Hydroxytyrosol
Vytrus Biotech Plant cell cultures for dermatological applications 3RFE