Bioibérica Palbio 50RD Aids in increasing feed intake and contributes to the development of the intestinal mucosa thanks to its characteristics and high digestibility Palbio 50RD
Bioibérica Nucleoforce Aqua Nucleoforce Aqua™is a balanced concentrate of free nucleotides and active precursors, obtained from yeasts. The exclusive composition of Nucleoforce Aqua™ has been designed to precisely and specifically meet the needs of fish and crustaceans, h Nucleoforce Aqua
Bioibérica Nucleoforce Livestock Nucleoforce Livestock™ is a source of concentrated and balanced free nucleotides and active precursors obtained from yeast. The unique composition of Nucleoforce Livestock™ has been designed to meet precisely and specifically the needs of monogastric a Nucleoforce Livestock
ADM BIOPOLIS Probiotics Addition to a product's formulation of living microorganisms that are validated as beneficial for health; confirmation of benefit in final product Probiotics
ADM BIOPOLIS Enzymes Design and production of enzymes to improve availability of substrates in feed. Ability to design and manufacture xylanases, ß-glucanases, pectinases, amylases and proteases, among other if required. Enzymes
NATAC HP-40 Hepatic protection HP-40
BIOSEARCH LIFE HEREDITUM Probiotics strains for improvement of weight gain in piglets HEREDITUM
NATAC Natacalm Swine and ruminants Natacalm
NATAC Cividox Antioxidant, vitamin E enhancer. Meat quality Cividox
ALGAENERGY AlgaePiscis Fish & livestock. High level of polyunsaturated fatty acid, w3 type (EPA, DHA and ARA), proteins, vitamins, and carotenoids AlgaePiscis
NATAC MAC-60 Aquaculture, concentrated olive oil, economical benefits due to intestinal protection MAC-60
Bioibérica Palbio 62 SP Palbio 62 SP is a source of high-quality protein obtained from spray dried enzymatic hydrolysate from porcine intestinal mucosa. Thanks to its exceptional properties, it helps boost diet digestibility and feed intake, thereby improving the animals' produ Palbio 62 SP
ALGAENERGY AlgaeFeed Introduction of microalgae derived functional extracts in feed formulations. AlgaeFeed
NATAC AQUOLIVE The primary objective of the AQUOLIVE project is to develop and launch an innovative additive from a natural source that the salmon aquaculture industry will use to increase fish resilience and quality in a cost-effective way. AQUOLIVE is a product obta AQUOLIVE